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Tom Detamore, Class of 91′

One of our alumni, Tom Detamore, shares his favorite memories from TCS, his story about where he went after graduating in 1991, and his wisdom as a lead pastor in New Jersey. Here is what he had to say: “My name is Tom Detamore, and I graduated from Timothy in 1991. After TCS, I enrolled

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The Jurado Family

Why did you choose TCS for your family? When we were looking for a kindergarten for our first child, the public school in our town was not an option because it offered only a half-day program with no aftercare and we were working full-time. A friend suggested that we visit TCS, where his sons attended.

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The Porcher Family

Why did you choose TCS for your child? We chose TCS for my child because it’s a K4-12 school, the small class size, and the fact that cursive writing is taught in the second grade. The fact that it is a Christian school was the icing on the cake. What do you love most about

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