Kelly Janho greets parents attending The Art of Parenting workshop at TCS.

God has called Timothy Christian School to educate children within the framework of a Christian world-view; however, this call has become more challenging in today’s culture as our families are bombarded with many conflicting messages through the media and entertainment worlds.  For this reason, TCS has initiated new steps to partner with families this year.

In late August, TCS hosted national speaker and author, Joe Dallas who conducted a 4-part seminar called Sexuality and Truth designed to better equip families to discuss homosexuality and transgender issues with their children and others.  Dallas spoke to TCS families as well as to our faculty and staff.

“Our Seminar with Joe Dallas was the first of a series of events to support and strengthen the Christian family,” says TCS Head of School, James Smock. “Our new Family Partnership Initiatives will provide a variety of helpful, Biblically-based resources meant to assist parents in building strong relationships in their families.”

“As a school we realize our impact on students is limited because God has given parents the primary responsibility of educating and training their children.  However, it is our desire to partner with our parents to offer support and provide encouragement in the challenges they face,” says TCS Board Member, John Janho.

John and his wife Kelly are leading the charge on one initiative that is blessing TCS families. They’ve brought the 8-week course, The Art of Parenting to TCS.  The engaging video-driven series is designed to help parents teach their children how to apply Biblical truth in four crucial areas: Relationships, Character, Identity, and Mission, while establishing a foundation their children can build upon for the rest of their lives. This series was developed by FamilyLife, a ministry of CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ).

“The ministry of FamilyLife, along with the materials they produce and promote, have been such a blessing to Kelly and me over the years,” says John. “We want to share these resources and opportunities and have parents experience the blessings we’ve seen in our marriage and family as a result.”

“Our school will only be as strong as the marriage and family relationships that comprise it,” says Kelly. “We want to provide our parents with Biblically-based resources and knowledge as well as the practical application they need to lead their families well and fulfill God’s calling.”

From Christian movies such as Like Arrows (shown at TCS in September), to discounts for marriage getaways, to the Art of Parenting class, there is a lot happening at TCS aimed at building a stronger family unit.

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