Hope for America – Starts Here at TCS

TCS Spring Banquet Speaker Rick Green Explains Why Christian Education is Essential to Restoring America

“Why do you love America?” was the question posed to our youngest students.

TCS Spring Banquet Speaker, Rick Green had their little minds thinking hard. Their answers were well thought out and included everything from the rights we have to think differently than others, to gathering together and the privilege we have to be able to vote.

“We get to worship God here,” said one second grader. “We aren’t forced to worship idols.”

“Do you think you and your parents should decide where you get to go to school or do you think the queen should,” Green asked the crowd.

The lesson on monarchies verses republics left students in kindergarten through fifth grade grateful for where they live. That was the whole point Green was trying to make along with being good stewards of the rights God gives us.

“If you don’t remember anything else, it’s that you have rights and with every right comes a responsibility,” said Green.

His message for older students challenged the dominant anti-America mindset that is so prominent in our society today and what they often hear in the media.

“I hope that they grasp the idea that with all the anti-America media and academia out there, they need to realize there is far better in our system than any other nation in history. There is no perfect government. There is no perfect system. Every nation has its flaws but instead of focusing only on the negative, we need to step back and say in comparison to other nations, we’ve done more good and have had more freedom than any other nation in history,” says Green.

Speaking about America is a passion for Green. As one of the speakers for WallBuilders and co-host of the national daily radio program, WallBuilders Live!, Green deals with these subjects all day long. He is an outspoken advocate of returning to the principles of the Declaration of Independence. He equips, empowers and challenges people to live out their freedom through his passionate and moving live presentations, as well as through radio and television. Green, his wife Kara, and their four children investigate America’s heroes, legends and legacies on their new reality style TV show, Chasing American Legends which airs on several TV stations across the country.

His message for banquet guests focused on some of the American legends and founders and distilling the negative myths around them. Green believes Timothy Christian School is the starting point for restoring hope in America.

“There is hope for America and it begins with schools like this. You look at the nation as a whole and it’s easy to get depressed and think this isn’t the America I grew up in. But most people don’t get to see what I see. So they don’t realize we are not alone,” explains Green. “I think we do lose the country without schools like this. We need these remnants – these pockets that are not just teaching truth but equipping students to speak the truth.”

His powerful message was part of an amazing banquet night at TCS as the entire community gathered to celebrate a school that equips students to understand what they believe so they can be beacons of light in a fallen world.

“There’s no doubt in my mind we’re raising the leaders of the next generation. What you do at Timothy in the classroom matters,” Green said to the crowd. “What produces a great nation has not changed. We can come back to it. All is not lost.”

If you would like to hear Rick Green’s message in its entirety click here.

TCS Legends Video

Sticking with the theme of legends, TCS highlighted some of its own legends in a video that was featured at the banquet. You can watch the video here. 

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